Term for Paypal Exchange

If your account limited  after get paypal or later we cannot help it

if your Paypal Account show 21 days pending or any kind of hold we cannot help for  it, you have to call paypal or wait 21 days , sometime new paypal can be hold

After complete paypal transfer we cannot receive or you cannot refund or return paypal money , every Exchange is full and final

If your cannot sent money to another we cannot help it

We cannot help for verify your paypal

if your Paypal show chargeback or dispute form  our side then we ill help 

We ill take 1 to 2 days for complete Every paypal exchange , we cannot do instant or hurry , if you need help for it call us
so if you accept this term , you can order otherwise you can try another.
We Dont cover Paypal Fees . So if you recive lees money or paypal charge fees form your Expected amount we cannot bear or carry it  , If you agree with our term then , You can order Otherwise dont order paypal